Comfort lives up to its name in several important and unique ways. It is cut a little wider than other mummy bags, which makes it less constrictive. Knees can be pulled up within the bag and there's a little more room around the torso for unrestricted movement. There's a separate zipper at the foot, which allows for ventilation in the night and makes it possible for the user to walk around camp while wearing the bag! (Let's face it, nobody wants to get out of their sleeping bag on a cold morning).

What happens to a couple when the go on expedition together? Love!

The Women's Comfort sleeping bag is designed specificallly for women and built to be a little wider than typical mummy bags. More comfort without sacrificing warmth. This video shows how we do it. 

New for 2019 is the Comfort Wmns sleeping bag.

Once upon a time there was a dragon who had lived for hundreds of years in a small castle in the Glarus mountains. The locals lovingly called him Wisli dragon. Every winter he watches over the Raminer river and makes sure that the Tschingelböcke with their pointed horns don't come down into the valley...and if hasn't melted, you'll find him this winter directly behind the Wisli forest in his castle. Thomas Oschwald built it, captured it in photo and video and of course spent the night in it with his partner ...

[Photo: Menno Huber]

With the winter months upon us, staying warm on backcountry trips becomes a little more challenging; it requires careful attention to the gear list. 

MegaSleep Duo 25 is a remarkably lightweight 2-person car camping and overlanding sleeping bag for two people. 

Two new car camping/overlanding sleeping bags designed to fit the famous MegaMat.