Exped's new down-insulated sleeping bags: new fit, new colors, great details ...

Here's a quick overview of the new sleeping bags for 2018:

Should your sleeping bag be as light as possible, ultra-compact when stowed and serve you well in summer? Then you may want to take a closer look at > ULTRALITE +3°  which weighs in at only 610 g.

Do you prefer an all-rounder that offers a bit more comfort? > LITE +1° may be the right pick.

Or you're looking for ultimate comfort and would like to use your sleeping bag blanket-style on warmer nights? > COMFORT 0°

Do you want a sleeping bag with a hydrophobic shell that allows nights out without a tent? > WINTERLITE -6°

All nice, but you are out for something more affordable, a classic bag that also works well in cabins? > VERSA MUMMY +5°

You like our Versa but prefer rectangular shaped bags? We have the right one for you: > VERSA 0°

Almost all above models are also available in a warmer version (including special models like the Hyperquilt Duo) and can be found > here

Each bag with its own QR-Code

We can tell you all about the down we use in our bags, but we want you to be able to check the quality and test results for yourself. This is why we print a QR Code on each bag that leads straight to the IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory), the independent down tester for Exped bags. Here you will find certified results for fill power, quality and down type. 




Here’s an example: http://verify.idfl.com/exped/2017-lite-sleeping-bags/



Below is a general overview about construction, details and distinctive characteristics of Exped mummy sleeping bags, presented by Kaj from Exped USA.