Not too snug, not too big - just right for nearly any adventure. 

In every category of the Exped product line there is a piece of gear that's considered an all-rounder. In tents it's the Venus II. In mats it would certainly have to be the now classic SynMat 7. In our packs one might very well nominate the Mountain Pro 30/40. In the newly redesigned sleeping bag line it's definitely the Lite, which is available in three temperature ratings: Lite +1, Lite -5 and Lite -11 (+34, +23, and +12 F respectively). It's cut presents a fit that is not too snug and not too big. It incorporates all the signature EXPED features but won't add unnecessary weight or bulk to a pack. It earns the right to be called our sophisticated all-rounder. Go anywhere with this bag!

Here are a couple videos that highlight the key featuers: 

Quick take: