Tarp Pole 240

Sturdy and adjustable poles for any Tarp

  • extremely robust tarp poles
  • two section both adjustable in length
  • sections can be used individually or together
$ 89.95
Tarp Pole 240
Prod. no. 7640277841598
Detail Tarp Pole 240
Detail Tarp Pole 240
Detail Tarp Pole 240

The tip at the head of the tarp pole is screwed in with an M5 thread. It can also be replaced by an ordinary screw with an M5 thread.

Packmass Tarp Pole 240

Product Description

These sturdy and solid tarp poles are ideally suited to build a spacious shelter together with a large Tarp.

A tarp pole 240 consists of two sections both adjustable in length, which can be used individually or together, depending on the intended use. The 73.5 cm long units can be extended by up to 137 cm to the maximum length of 240 cm. The tip at the end goes through the tap loops or grommets. It can also be unscrewed to use the tarp pole under the tarp as a support.

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