Travel Hammock Mesh Wide Kit

Airy, ultra light and wide cut travel hammock

  • robust mesh material provides best ventilation
  • airy, light and extremely wide cut
  • Suspension Kit Extreme included
Travel Hammock Mesh Wide Kit
Prod. no. 7640445457750

Product Description

The Travel Hammock Mesh Wide Kit is an airy and ultra-light travel hammock with a very compact pack size. It is the ideal companion for outings especially in warmer climates.

The airy mesh fabric provides optimal ventilation and cools on hot days. The semi-transparent fabric also gives you a good view of the outdoors.

The included Suspension Kit Extreme with the clever Slit Line (pat.pend.) and incorporated, robust Dyneema webbing allows quick setup and tear down. The smooth webbing strap is gentle to the tree.

The integrated packsack doubles as storage space for smaller items.

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