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Pack Poncho UL

This ultralight poncho also protects the backpack

  • integrated backpack compartment for best protection
  • ultralight material, small pack size
  • one-handed adjustable hood
Pack Poncho UL S
Prod. no. 7640277840423
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Packing dimension of reference size M

Product description

The Pack Poncho UL is not only ultra-light, but also offers optimal protection for you and your backpack. The integrated backpack compartment fits backpacks up to 100l.

The factory seam taped waterproof seams ensure everything stays dry. The anatomically shaped hood can be adjusted one handed. The poncho features a snap button strap that attaches to the pack allowing it to be slipped on and off without the need to pack it away in variable weather. Snaps on the sleeves prevent it from sliding up the arms.

The poncho can be stored either flat in the breast pocket or even smaller in the mini pouch integrated in it.

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S: 7.1 oz
M: 7.6 oz
L: 8.3 oz

Delivery contents


Body size

S: 59 - 65 in
M: 65 - 71 in
L: 71 - 83 in

Packed Dimensions

S: 7.9 x 3.9 in
M: 7.9 x 3.9 in
L: 7.9 x 3.9 in



15 D ripstop nylon
silicone / PU coated
seam taped
2500 mm water column
Oeko-Tex® 100 certified
PFC free


Oeko-tex certified material

Oeko-Tex® is a testing and Certification system for raw materials and finished products. EXPED does not feature fully tested products. The listed products aren't certified under this standard. Only accordingly specified materials are certified.


Abbreviation for Per- or poly fluorinated chemicals, also known as fluorcarbons. Non degradable and accumulating toxic chemicals used for waterproofing.

Warranty years

5 Years


What does the water column value mean?

Water column or hydrostatic pressure is a unit of measure used to describe the waterpoofness of fabrics. A 10 cm² fabric sample is tensioned under a water cylinder. The point under which droplets are pressed through the fabric indicates the water column.