Doublemat Evazote packsize

Doublemat Evazote

The multi-use mat

  • extremely robust
  •  super high quality evazote material
  •  multi purpose
Doublemat Evazote
Prod. no. 7640120112905

Doublemat Evazote as an insert into bottom of mat cover which provides added protection and insulation.

DoubleMat Evazote_folding.jpg

Usable folded as single mat so it stacks up to 8mm and possibly some clothing in between - or layed out flat measuring 2 m x 1 m, for example as ground layer for an ultralight mat.

DoubleMat Evazote_packed_gs.jpg

Packed into included packsack.

Product description

The super-lightweight purist’s mat. This multi-use mat works well as a "tent carpet" when spread out or as a regular EVA closed cell foam mat when folded down in the middle.

Made of Evazote, an environmentally sound closed cell EVA foam (Ethyl Vinyl Acetat) which is optimised for expedition use. Acclaimed for extreme durability and is not rendered useless by thorns, debris or crampons.

Multi-purpose: spread it out or fold it. Use it any way required. Works as an insulated tent carpet, sleeping mat, rain cover or flotation aid - or cut it up to make insoles for your shoes. No expedition leaves home without one.

Dark color for quick drying of condensation.

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39.4 in

Packed Dimensions

20.1 x 5.9 in


9.2 oz



Foot width

39.4 in


78.7 in

Person Capacity

1 Person


Main material

closed cell ethylencopolymer foam (Evazote®)
density 35 kg/m3


Climate neutral product

EXPED measures and fully offsets all global warming gases (CO2 equivalents) from manufacturing and shipping this product.

climate protection declaration

Warranty years

5 Years