Sit Pad Flex

Lightweight seat for any adventure

  • extremely light and robust
  • rapidly deployed
  • high quality foam
$ 19.95
Sit Pad Flex
Prod. no. 7640445452458
 Name FlexMat_green side_COLOUR.jpg

The olive-grey side of the Sit Pad Flex is perfect for 'stealth' applications

FlexMat_orange side_COLOUR.jpg

Use the bright orange side of the Sit Pad Flex when high visibility is required

Product Description

Rapidly deployed, lightweight, surprisingly comfortable and versatile closed-cell foam sit pad. Low profile 3-panel design fits in side-pockets or mesh panels of backpacks and bike bags. Works well as a cushion on a kayak or canoe seat and as insulation in lightweight backpacking chairs. Excellent insulation for sitting in a snow-kitchen.

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