Solo Tarp

Super lightweight canopy for all hammocks

  • versatile applications
  • minimal weight and pack size
  • eight guy lines included
$ 219.95
Solo Tarp
Prod. no. 7640445457095

Product Description

The Solo Tarp is a lightweight and versatile tarp for one to two people. The different application possibilities make it the ideal companion. The tarp serves as a super light weather protection over the hammock and can also be set up with sticks or between trees as an A-frame tarp. The 3 x 1.9 m tarp can also be set up as an A-frame shelter which provides a 3 x 1.3 m sheltered sleeping area.

Eight guy lines are included. Taped seams provide optimal protection from moisture. The Solo Tarp is not only super lightweight, but also compactly packable.

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