Stormproof expedition tent


Prod. no. 7640277841710
Tent Cut
Detail Polaris cord stuffsack
Detail Polaris gromment
Detail Polaris tie out buckel
Detail Polaris pole sleeve
Detail Polaris ple sleeve rear end nr. 4
Detail Polaris door inside
Detail Polaris periscope 2
Detail Polaris periscope close
Detail Polaris periscope inside
Detail Polaris periscope inside mesh
Detail Polaris webbing loop

Product Description

A super-sturdy single wall freestanding expedition tent. The Polaris has
endured countless expeditions making it the tent of choice for tough
endeavors. The generous vestibule for gear storage and snow melting is
exceptional for a single wall tent. Polaris is wide enough to hold 3 sleepers
if necessary and the headroom generous enough for 3 to sit out a storm.

> new 3-layer fabric based on a membrane of
electro spun PU nano fibers
> tonal color scheme
> 5 pre-mounted guylines
> durable black colored mosquito mesh allows
good visibility from within

Intended use
ideal for alpine use, expeditions

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Zelt im Schnee Polaris