Packsacks and drybags (this is not brand specific) should never be washed in washing machines or dried in a tumble dryer as this can lead to permanent damage of the fabrics and the PU coating . A further problem is detergent residue and fabric softeners that damage the coating. We recommend washing your drybag by hand in warm water using ph-neutral soap, baby shampoo or shower gel. Stains can be removed with a soft brush. Air dry thoroughly (no direct sunlight or heat source) and store in a dry place.

Please note that the warranty covers materials and workmanship, not damage caused by use. Durable waterproof repairs of holes or tears can be made easily with a sleeping mat repair kit or with PU and silicone glue that can be purchased at your local outdoor gear shop. Small punctures can be located easily by holding the drybag up against a light source (sunlight or headlamp); mark the puncture and apply the glue according to manufacturers instructions.

Tip: Depending on the coating of your drybag either use PU glue for PU coatings or silicone glue on silicone coatings.