Sleeping Mats

We recommend storing the rolled up mat with both valves open in a dry and cool place e.g. under the bed.

Here are a few helpful videos on how to repair sleeping mats. You can also find instructions in the repair kit included with your sleeping mat.


How to Repair a Leaking Sleeping Mat



We recommend cleaning the mat with warm water and a mild detergent (no bleach!). Carefully clean the mat with a cloth or soft sponge. Make sure all valves are completely closed. Rinse well. The mat should be allowed to air dry after cleaning. DO NOT put your mat in a washing machine or dryer.

As with a comforter, the down works best when at its fluffiest. Therefore, before you lie down, you should shake the down mat slightly and pat it out so that the down can redistribute itself evenly again after it has been rolled up. Then you sleep nice and warm.