Sit Pad

Self-inflating sit pad for any adventure

  • provides a warm, dry and comfortable seat 
  • made from recycled material 
  • light and compact 

Note: Greygoose color not available in the USA

$ 39.95
Sit Pad cypress
Prod. no. 7640277841833
Detail Sit Pad Flat Valve Pin

Product Description

The Sit Pad is an extremely warm, air-cushioned take-anywhere seat pad for any adventure in any season, whether ski touring, hiking, camping trip or paddling adventure. 

This self-inflating seat pad not only provides excellent comfort even on rough ground, but also perfect insulation, protecting you from the cold ground.

The Sit Pad is built with durable, recycled fabric and a soft foam insulation. The robust EXPED FlatValve provides quick inflation and deflation.