Icefall 30

Top-class, robust, alpine touring backpack

  • lightweight construction with removable features
  • robust UHMPE-Ripstop material made exclusively for EXPED
  • perfect companion for alpine climbing and backcountry skiing 
$ 449.95
Icefall 30 S white
Prod. no. 7640171998459
Detail Icefall 30 front bucklefix
Detail Icefall carabiner sidefixation
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Generously dimensioned front pocket for shovel, ski skins etc.

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detail backpack Icefall classic iceaxe bucklefix
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Product Description

The Icefall 30 redefines alpine backpacks especially when it comes to the strength to weight ratio. It’s tailor-made for Alpinists who indulge in their hobby through the whole year and are looking for a reliable backpack that’s easy to handle. 

The Icefall offers a lot of space for everything you need on tour. With its hassle-free rolltop and an additional side-zipper, you can quickly grab your things – even if you’re tackling a difficult route.

EXPED put a lot of brains into the Icefall. Thanks to the white, contrasting main material, you can find your things even in the twilight. Our aim is to give Alpinists the best possible performance.

Furthermore, the newly designed fastening straps make fixing your skis or ice axes easy. The big front compartment offers plenty of room for your avalanche equipment. If you want to reduce the weight of your Icefall to the absolute minimum, you can remove the compression straps and other features – the weight loss adds up to an impressive 300 grams. 

To make it nearly indestructible, EXPEDs manufactures the Icefall out of bluesign®-certified UHMPE-material (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene). UHMPE-Ripstop is lightweight, sturdy and tearproof.

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InUse Ice Fall Winterland
Icefall Climbing

"This alpine all-rounder is made of UHMPE yarn, which is very light, but at the same time super abrasion and tear resistant."

Marc Raillard, Product Manager