Radical 80

Enormous lightweight and comfortable backpack duffle

  • easy to pack, comfortable to carry
  • large side pockets, huge main compartment
  • can be used as shoulder bag or backpack
$ 209.95
Radical 80 black
Prod. no. 7640445455039
Radical 80 attachment loops

Attachement loops for keys, pouches and bags in side pocket and main compartment.

Radical 80 duffle style

Shoulder straps can be stowed in the seperate quick side pockets or extended to form a shoulder harness

Radical 80 shoulder bag

Radical can be used as a shoulder bag in several ways.

Radical stow Shoulderstrap

Shoulder straps can be stowed in the separate quick side pockets or extended to form a shoulder harness 

Radical Toggle

With the clever toggle system, straps and straps are quickly repositioned

Radical 80 lying

All straps and features can be removed and stowed away

Radical inside

Extra long zipper to main compartment and large side pockets inside and outside for convenient packing

Radical 80 back

Great wearing comfort: back surface and shoulder straps softly padded

Radical 80 carrying option 1

Carrying option 1

Radical carrying option 2
Radical 80 backpack
Radical 80 backpack 1
Radical 60 carrying option 2

Carrying option 2

Radical 60 carrying option 3

Carrying option 3

Radical 80 carrying option 4

Carrying option 4

Product Description

The Radical 80 is the perfect companion for any adventure around the globe - whether outdoors or in the urban jungle. Due to its huge volume, it is extremely spacious and offers enough space for longer trips or journeys. Nevertheless, it is still lightweight.

This practical backpack-duffle combo is a reduced, lightweight bag with a nifty backpack carry option. The padded shoulder straps can be easily stowed or extended as a carry strap.

The extra-long center zipper access and two compression straps allow for easy, convenient and compact packing. The side zippered pocket provides an additional quick access option for when you're on the go. The Radical 80 allows you to carry heavier loads with ease.

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