Scout Hammock Combi Extreme

Variable, comfortable and durable hammock sleeping system

  • hammock, tarp and mosquito net in one
  • double base with mat compartment
  • durable materials
Scout Hammock Combi extreme
Prod. no. 7640445457705

Mat compartment 


Ridge Line


Mesh pockets on the side of the hammock  


Drip Clip


Product Description

The Scout Hammock Combi Extreme is a lightweight yet durable hammock sleeping system. It is perfect for sleeping in wooded areas and in situations where weather and bug protection is required.

The long and roomy hammock with mat sleeve ensures a high level of sleeping comfort and also offers insulation from below with a mat in the double base. The airy, black mosquito net wards off annoying insects and still offers a good view outside into nature. In addition, the Tarp made of double sided silicone-coated fabric provides protection from rain or sun. The practical mesh pockets inside as well as the double base offer additional space for gear.

The included Suspension Kit with the ingenous Slit Line (Patent Pending) and practical carabiners allow quick and easy setup.

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