DeepSleep Mat 7.5

Cozy edge-to-edge mat 

  • 7.5 cm thick foam ensures the best sleeping comfort
  • largest possible sleeping surface due to 3D construction
  • extra wide diameter valve for easy deflation
DeepSleep Mat 7.5 M
Prod. no. 7640445451994
DeepSleep Mat

3-D construction ensures the biggest possible sleeping surface

Combo Pin in use

The combo-pin speeds up self-inflation, and can also be used to assist 
deflation by allowing air to escape through the inflate valve.

Simply insert the combo-pin into the inflate valve to speed up self-inflation, 
or to simultaneously use both valves for deflation.


Oversized, vertical loading packsack 


Velcro straps assist deflation and packing

Product Description

The DeepSleep 7.5 stands out among our 3D mats with its compact pack size and lightweight design. It serves as the perfect companion for basecamps, campsites, or camping buses.

Thanks to its special 3D construction, the DeepSleep provides a generously spacious sleeping surface. The core of the mat consists of a 7.5 cm thick foam, ensuring optimal comfort during sleep. The surface is crafted from 75 D brushed polyester, offering a pleasant feel against the skin.

The DeepSleep is designed to be self-inflating, while the EXPED Mini Pump and repair kit are available for separate purchases. Inflation and deflation are made easy due to the extra large deflate valve. Additionally, the mat comes with a generously sized packsack and two velcro straps for hassle-free storage and transportation.

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In Use Image DeepSleep
Person relaxing on Deepsleep camping mat
Packed Deepsleep camping mat
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Person relaxing on Deepsleep camping mat