product image MegaMat Max 15 LXW front

MegaMat Max 15

More comofort: the famous MegaMat Duo built 50% thicker

  • 15 cm thick foam for a luxurious sleeping experience
  • soft stretch tricot surface for maximum comfort
  • 3D construction ensures the biggest possible sleeping surface
349.95 USD
MegaMat Max 15 LXW
Prod. no. 7640445451659
Megamat inflate valve

Use the Exped valve pin to speed up both inflation and deflation!

Megamat deflate valve

Our giant deflation valve makes deflation easy

Megamat Air deflation

Individual adjustment of the mat's firmness can be achieved by tapping on the one-way flap of the inflation valve to release small amounts of air.

Megamat Sidewinder Bag

Smart pack sack: Height-adjustable roll top bag with carry strap, which can also be used as a shoulder bag

MegaMatMax Stretch Fabric

15 cm air-core-channeled foam, combined with the 50 D stretch top fabric makes for an unbelievably soft and supple sleep platform.

Detail Image MegaMat 3D constuction

3-D construction ensures the biggest possible sleeping surface

Megamat combo valve

Separate flat valves for inflation and deflation simplify handling. These are also more durable and protected from damage as they are flat in design and non protruding.

Product description

The MegaMat Max 15 offers an additional 50% thickness compared to the EXPED MegaMat, making it perfect for those seeking a touch of extra luxury at basecamp or as a cozy guest bed.

The unique 3D construction ensures the largest possible sleeping surface, while the core of the MegaMat Max features a 15 cm thick foam that provides excellent support during sleep. Boasting an impressive R-value of 10.6, this mat offers outstanding insulation. Air channels integrated into the foam help reduce weight and packing volume without compromising on comfort. The surface is crafted from a soft stretch tricot polyester material, providing a delightful sensation against the skin.

The MegaMat Max self-inflates in a few minutes, then using the included EXPED Mini Pump, you can achieve your desired level of firmness. The two flat valves make both inflation and deflation quick and easy. We also provide our convenient Sidewinder Bag for hassle-free packing.

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6 in



Packed Dimensions

31.1 x 11 in


Extreme Cold


-67 °F


77.6 in

Person Capacity

1 Person

Delivery contents

Sleeping Mat
Sidewinder Bag
Repair Kit
Mini Pump

Color Bottom



121.7 oz


30.3 in


Self inflating/Mini Pump

Foot width

30.3 in



50 D stretch tricot polyester
Oeko-Tex® 100 certified dyeing
TPU film laminate
DWR free


75 D polyester
Oeko-Tex® 100 certified
TPU film laminate
DWR free


16 kg/m³ opencell PU foam
Oeko-Tex® 100 tested


Product with Climate Contribution

EXPED calculates all climate emissions from the production and transportation of this product and finances certified climate protection projects through myclimate to an equal extent.


Oeko-tex certified material

Oeko-Tex® is a testing and Certification system for raw materials and finished products. EXPED does not feature fully tested products. The listed products aren't certified under this standard. Only accordingly specified materials are certified.


Abbreviation for Per- or poly fluorinated chemicals, also known as fluorcarbons. Non degradable and accumulating toxic chemicals used for waterproofing.

Made in Taiwan: Feng Yi


Feng Yi is an established mat manufacturer based in Taichung City in Taiwan and has been producing the well-known mats for EXPED for over 20 years.

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Warranty years

5 Years