The robust and versatile multi-tool for comfort anywhere

    • versatile mat and tarp in one
    • recycled top fabric, slip-reduction floor fabric
    • modular and connectable
    $ 59.95
    MultiMat Uno
    Prod. no. 7640277842939
    Detail Multimat Duo packaging

    Product Description

    The MultiMat is probably the most versatile EXPED mat. It serves as a summer sleeping mat, protective pad or tent rug, as well as for picnics, as a dog blanket or shade canopy. 

    This mat is made of a 3mm thick, tough and recycled top fabric and a slip-reduction floor material. It is very lightweight and the two sewn elastic bands allow it to be rolled up quickly and compactly. 

    The MultiMat works perfect as a moisture and insulative barrier on wet and cold ground. Snaps along the edges allow you to connect two or more MultiMats. 

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