Ultra 7R M Mummy packsize
DownMat Technology

Ultra 7R Mummy

Ultralight mummy shaped trekking mat for use in extreme cold and harsh environments

  • Down fill ensures maximum protection from cold ground
  • 9 cm air cushion for maximum comfort and insulation
  • recycled face fabrics
239.95 USD
Ultra 7R M Mummy
Prod. no. 7640445454728
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Sleepingmat Downmat Technology
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Product description

The Ultra 7R sleeping mat is perfect for human-powered adventures such as trekking, long-distance hiking, bikepacking and alpinism, in extreme sub-zero temperatures.

When every ounce counts, EXPED Ultra series sleeping mats ensure super-compact and ultralight sleep comfort anywhere.

DOWNMAT TECHNOLOGY™ - 700 cuin down insulation for use in all seasons, ensures maximum warmth in any weather or for the coldest sleeper, while a 9 cm thick air cushion cradles the body. Air chambers run head to toe, fully supporting the body for an unrivaled night's sleep and giving maximum durability.

The lighweight and compact Ultra sleeping mat features recycled 20 D ripstop face fabric.

EXPED's Schnozzel Pumpbag is included: rapid, moisture-free mat inflation: lung power not required! 

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Mat Technology

Downmat Technology


M: 17.5 oz
MW: 23.1 oz
LW: 24.3 oz



Packed Dimensions

M: 10.6 x 4.7 in
MW: 12.6 x 5.5 in
LW: 12.6 x 5.5 in


Extreme Cold




M: 72 in
MW: 72 in
LW: 77.6 in

Person Capacity

1 Person

Delivery contents

Sleeping Mat
Schnozzel Pumpbag UL
Repair Kit


-20 °F


M: 20.5 in
MW: 25.6 in
LW: 25.6 in


Schnozzel Pumpbag

Foot width

M: 13.8 in
MW: 16.5 in
LW: 16.5 in



recycled 20 D ripstop polyester
bluesign® certified
TPU film laminate
DWR free


700 cuin/oz down
RDS certified



Product with Climate Contribution

EXPED calculates all climate emissions from the production and transportation of this product and finances certified climate protection projects through myclimate to an equal extent.


Recycled materials

More and more EXPED products are made from recycled materials. Materials gained from previously made materials -such as PET-bottles or waste from the production of textiles.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

RDS is the strictest standard for animal welfare in the production of down. EXPED uses 100% certified down in all down products.

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Bluesign certified material

Bluesign®, the world's strictest textile standard for environmental protection and consumer protection in textile production. The listed products aren't certified under this standard. Only accordingly specified materials are certified.



Abbreviation for Per- or poly fluorinated chemicals, also known as fluorcarbons. Non degradable and accumulating toxic chemicals used for waterproofing.

Made in Taiwan: Feng Yi


Feng Yi is an established mat manufacturer based in Taichung City in Taiwan and has been producing the well-known mats for EXPED for over 20 years.

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Warranty years

5 Years


How do I store my mat?

We recommend storing the rolled up mat with both valves open in a dry and cool place e.g. under the bed.

How can I patch a hole in the mat?

Here are a few helpful videos on how to repair sleeping mats. You can also find instructions in the repair kit included with your sleeping mat.


How to Repair a Leaking Sleeping Mat



How do I clean my sleeping mat?

We recommend cleaning the mat with warm water and a mild detergent (no bleach!). Carefully clean the mat with a cloth or soft sponge. Make sure all valves are completely closed. Rinse well. The mat should be allowed to air dry after cleaning. DO NOT put your mat in a washing machine or dryer.

How do I distribute the down evenly in my mat?

As with a comforter, the down works best when at its fluffiest. Therefore, before you lie down, you should shake the down mat slightly and pat it out so that the down can redistribute itself evenly again after it has been rolled up. Then you sleep nice and warm.

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