Maintenance and care of tents

UV radiation

Nothing “kills” a tent faster than UV radiation. Lightweight tents are not intended for use in prolonged, stationary settings in which they remain exposed to the sun. To prevent degradation of the tent fabrics set the tent up in the shade, cover it with a tarp or take it down during the day. Also consider alternative products designed for such use made of canvas or awning materials. Damage due to UV exposure is not covered by the warranty.


A dusty or dirty tent is best washed with a water hose and sponge. Never dryclean or place a tent in a washing machine or tumble dryer as this may damage the coatings and fabrics.
Should the canopy need cleaning due to stains or odor, hand wash in a tub using mild detergent. Do not wash the tent floor fabric with detergent as this may damage the coating. Rinse and dry thoroughly.


Dry and air your tent thoroughly prior to storage. This process may take a couple of days before all webbings and thread are completely dry. Store the tent in a dry area away from direct sunlight as even synthetic fabrics may be affected by mildew when exposed to humidity. Mildew and humidity can damage the waterproof coatings of your tent.


Sand, dust and grit cause abrasion and damage to the zipper. Wash with water and clean with a toothbrush when necessary. Apply a bit of silicone lubricant for a long lasting and smooth running zipper glider.