product image mesh helmet holder
product image Mesh Helmet Holder on pack

Mesh Helmet Holder

Lightweight helmet holder made of sturdy stretchy material

  • wobble-free helmet attachment
  • easy attachment to all EXPED backpacks
  • stows in the integrated stuffsack
24.95 USD
Mesh Helmet Holder
Prod. no. 7640445456579

Product description

The Mesh Helmet Holder is a neat mesh cover that can be easily attached to all EXPED backpacks. The stretchy mesh fabric is very light but durable. The adjustable attachment as well as the siliconized sticky print attach helmet firmly to a pack. The Mesh Helmet Holder can be easily stowed in the integrated stuffsack.



1.2 oz


7.1 x 7.9 in


Made in Vietnam: Vision Bag

The Korean-owned company Vision Products Corporation has been producing backpacks and bags since 1984.


Warranty years

5 Years
in use image Couloir dark lava and Couloir wmns navy from behind
in use image mesh helmet holder in focus

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