Unique packsack design

  • Our tapered packbody shape with its large top cross section may look unspectacular but has its undeniable advantages:

  • the narrow and flat side profile permits a close to body fit that puts the center of gravity closer to the wearers back. A vital point in our alpine pack range, that has been consequently implemented in our Backcountry pack line as well.

  • in contrast to most cylinder shaped backpacks, Exped packs up to 50L volume stand out by allowing unobstructed freedom of movement of the wearers head even with a helmet on.

  • the typical Exped, slightly wide, pack body combined with the narrow profile also offers the advantage of placing the pack contents closer to the wearers body even when the pack is only partially full. This is not the case, and often annoying with pear shaped or packs with higher volume bases as contents tend to shift more during use. The large opening also facilitates loading and unpacking of the pack, overview and organisation made easy.

Choice of back length

For a pack to fit comfortably, the correct choice of back length is critical.

Further information to help determine back length can be found here.

Specific attachment of the shoulder strap webbing

All our alpine and touring packs up to 50 L volume feature a unique attachment of the shoulder strap webbing to the base of the pack. This keeps the pack close to the body at all times, even when worn without the hipbelt. Pack control is important during swinging motion common when climbing an overhang or while skiing, and will not tip you out of balance.

Functional innovation

Our break-proof aluminium Rapide Hooks on lid closure and compression straps prove their practical experience. Flapping webbing strap ends are a problem of the past: all strap ends can be rolled up and be secured by velcro tidies. Light grey inside fabric coatings create a bright pack interior that warrants best overview of contents and lets you forget those „black holes“, ideal in the dark winter season when the sun stays low. Meticulous functionaltiy in endless small details, some a bit hidden, but all based on practical experience.

Clean and refined design

Clean lines, lack of unnecessary webbing straps, buckles and features lead to „quiet“ products, lower weight and use of resources.  Less is more.


Our packs may not have the most beautifully rounded and aerodynamically shaped floors in some peoples eyes, but have the big advantage that you don‘t need a tree or boulder to prevent the pack from tipping over when placed on the ground.

Absolutely weatherproof construction

Numerous Exped packs are either waterproof or weatherproof in construction and design keeping contents dry in any weather, which make separate raincovers unnecessary.