Exped pays special attention to every high quality detail in order to produce mats that are warm, comfortable, lightweight, durable and pack small.


R-Values are indicated in ft²·°F·h/BTU which is the customary unit in the US whereas the SI norm is m2·K/W. US R-values are 5.678263337 times the SI R-values.

Exped carries out R-value tests since more than 10 years with an independant governmental testing institute in Switzerland. It is called Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (https://empa.ch/web/empa/empa-facts-figures)

See following video for explanation of R-Values.

high-frequency welded

Seams are high-frequency welded (most secure method of fusing fabrics and materials) to ensure mat integrity.


Flatvalve Technology

The Exped FlatValve Technology warrants rapid inflation and deflation also due to the integrated one-way-flaps. They are intuitive to use and lightweight. As they are non protruding they will not snag and are made of soft PU with no sharp edges for durability.

100% airtight

100% airtight: Each individual mat is tested for 72 hours prior to leaving the factory! The mats withstand 5x the pressure usually generated during pumping. But the mat should be protected from thorns, heat sources, fire sparks, humidity in the mat and rough treatment. There is a compromise between low weight and durability. But this can be compensated by care.


Stuffsack with dual function

All mats that feature a stuffsack large enough for this purpose can be stuffed with spare clothes etc. to serve as a pillow.

Optimised packaging: The mats are packed as compactly as possible without making the packsack too small.



Included: repair kit with adhesive and fabric patches.