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Will EXPED sponsor my adventure? 


EXPED USA is a small organization and we have a very small marketing budget. Because our emphasis is on developing and building gear of the highest quality we simply don't have the resources to support the many expeditions and individuals who contact us about sponsorship and donations. We have a few long-standing relationships with adventurous friends, in Europe as well as the USA, who help us test gear and spread the word about the brand, but for now we aren't expanding this group.

Please understand that we cannot respond to everyone who contacts us about sponsorship. Our marketing department sees all the emails and if something fits with our goals they will reply. 


How do I find replacement parts for my EXPED gear?


Send us an email! (

Let us know what product you have and it’s approximate age. If you can send a picture, that helps too. Please just make sure it is under 1MB in size. We will also need the information below:


Shipping Address

Phone Number




EXPED USA is the Seattle based subsidiary of EXPED AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. We are a small group of outdoor adventure loving individuals handling all the sales, marketing, customer service, and warranty service needs for US based customers.  We play corn hole at lunch, close for powder days, and most importantly get outside and use our gear as much as humanly possible so we can provide you with first-hand knowledge and experience as you decide which of our products is best for your next adventure!

If you want to see more about EXPED USA, check out our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages for adventures and product information.


Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm (PST)

Phone: 866.326.4586 (toll-free) or 206.900.7583



Why do you manufacture in Asia and not in Zurich, Switzerland where EXPED is located? 


We manufacture in Taiwan, China and Korea in factories with which we have had close personal relationships for many years. These factories have grown to become benchmark manufacturers for tents, mats, backpacks, and other high performance outdoor gear. In respect to efficiency, worker safety, and production quality they resemble laboratories more than factories. In respect to wages we pay above the national average in each country. Most employees have been working for the factories for years, which enhances product quality going to you. Most outdoor products are made by hand, which means labor costs are substantial. Product costs would double if we manufactured in Europe.

The social standard compliance of the factories is monitored and documented independently. But as our product designers and managers spend weeks at the factories, we can oversee it ourselves as well.