• It's time for some snow!

    Photo: Eric Guertzenstein 

  • These beautiful colours of winter

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald 

  • Who is also looking forward to winter?

    Photo: Diego Schläppi 

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  • Autumn is definitely here!

    And it's still a good time for a night in the tent. 

  • This beautiful transition between autumn and winter

    Photo: Hochzwei.media

  • Whether dawn or dusk...

    Hikes in autumn are simply magical! 

  • The morning after...

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    Photo: Niklas Siemens 

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  • Living on the edge...

    Photo: hochzwei.media

  • Is there anything better than falling asleep and waking up to a view like this?

    Photo: Hochzwei Media 

  • We go to the mountains for views like this, don't we?

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    Photo: Diego Schläppi 


  • Sometimes the colours just fit perfectly

    Photo: Annette Ster

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  • When you just need a cool down

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  • After the rain comes the sun – summer is surely waiting just around the corner

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald 

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